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Jeffrey Advanced Tutor

Advanced Tutor

The Edit Features dropdown option is still displayed even when Features is not enabled in Zuora or in Salesforce. This should be removed when Features it not enabled.
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grayjoa Scholar


Sometimes a quote contains charges that do not need to be shown to the end customer, particularly for usage charges, but filtering them out if very difficult and not user friendly using mailmerge. Would be great to have a way to do this by not showing charges with a certain custom or standard field value.

Nobuharu Student



In Zuora Quotes, if you create or update New Subscription Quote, Amendment Subscription Quote and Renewal Subscription Quote, following fields are displayed in the roll-up feed in Opportunity .
- Name
- Opportunity (name) 
- Status
- MRR (Delta MRR)
- TCV (DeltaTCV)
Client would like to use chatters, but would not like to see the above fields in roll-up feed in Opportunity when New Subscription Quote, Amendment Subscription Quote and Renewal Subscription Quote are created and updated.
According to the Knowledge Center, it is able to control On/Off of chatters. However, it is not able to control which fields to show in roll-up feed. Should have a capability to select which fields to show in chatter's roll-up feed.
grayjoa Scholar


Core Zuora has a setting that can be enabled to allow up to 20 amendments in one call but even when that setting is enabled Zuora for Salesforce doesn't use it and the quote metrics cannot be correctly calculated. 

grayjoa Scholar


In Zuora it is possible to configure charges to end after x billing periods but that option isn't available when configuring the product catalog in Salesforce and using it on Salesforce CPQ quotes and contracts. It would make it an option to have a negative recurring charge that ends after x billing periods instead of a discount line item which Salesforce CPQ does not support. I understand this may cause an issue with the quote calculations on the Salesforce CPQ side but it's easier to push that as an issue to them but still have Zuora and the connector support it.

ehavens Savvy Scholar

Savvy Scholar

Populate features on products that are Original

Status: New Idea
by Savvy Scholar ehavens ‎11-08-2016 11:19 AM - edited ‎11-08-2016 11:20 AM

For a Renewal Quote, the object "Quote Product Feature" does not contain any values for Quote Rate Plans that have the field zqu__AmendmentType__c = Renewal.  Because there are no changes it doesn't list the features already assiciated with that product.  When a Quote PDF is generated, the feature table is empty for that product.  


It would be better if the object Quote Product Feature contained the existing features.  Then the QuoteFeatures table would display features for new products, updated products, and renewal products (original).

mattbaker Scholar


Invoice Line Item

Status: New Idea
by Scholar mattbaker on ‎11-24-2016 06:49 AM

Invoice line item required as part of the Z-360 sync process

AnnaRudenko Scholar


Would be great to be able to push Email History from Zuora's Customer Account to Salesforce (maybe Billing Account).

This way our Customer Support and Sales Reps could see what kind of communication was done to the customer.

Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

Recently Salesforce.com designed a brand new user-interface called Lightning. Lightning is free of charge for all Enterprise customers, and represents a very big step in the right direction for Salesforce user experience. Unfortunately this change requires vendors to update their applications in order to take advantage of the new UI.

It would be great to make the quotes package to be compatible with these feature to be able to use the new UI.

Status: Implemented
Owen Support Team

Support Team

Sync Today's MRR to SFDC

Status: New Idea
by Support Team on ‎12-20-2016 06:10 AM

Customers have requested the ability to sync the "Today's MRR" field from the Zuora UI to SFDC via 360 sync. Is this a possible future enhancement?

Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

Customer is requesting to have Invoice Item Line and Payment information to be available in Salesforce. The customer added that they would like line items in Salesforce in order for them to measure how many sales they've had of particular products. Then, it would be helpful for the payment information, especially, status in SFDC so that they do not have to to log into Zuora to verify this information.This in turn, would allow the customer to to make use of the Salesforce's reporting tools. 


This is being evaluated by our Product Management and tracking number is DE5123 / COM-1297.

Nikesh Zuora Alumni

Zuora Alumni


In Zuora we have the ability to sync the Sales Rep field to SFDC. However we cannot update the sales rep field from SFDC to Zuora. Customers are requesting that they have the ability to sync from SFDC to Zuora as well for the Sales Rep Field.






AnnaRudenko Scholar


Optimize Quotes Layout for SF1 App

Status: New Idea
by Scholar AnnaRudenko on ‎04-25-2016 02:37 AM

At the moment Quote Information is not being displayed fully in SF1 UI.

The user could only see a cropped part of the screen. the only way to view the full details is to click on the Quote and get it opened in a new screen.

This is very confusing and not user friendly. 


Please could we have Quote Information not cropped but rather minimized to display the full details as soon as user opens a Quote?

Michael_Summitt Senior Tutor

Senior Tutor

Callout History and Settings

Status: New Idea
by Senior Tutor Michael_Summitt on ‎12-01-2016 02:53 PM

Recent changes to callout processing and history have caused us a few issues, most of which have now been resolved, at least one of which (display of the HTTP response code) will be addressed in the December patch.


We use callouts to provision our services; that is, the licenses we provide to our customers for our server based software are created and maintained by callouts from Zuora.  This makes callout functionality critical to us.  In the past, we've had some issues with callouts that have caused us to monitor them on a daily basis, which in some ways may make our use of them different from most customers.


With that in mind, here are some ideas we think might be helpful in improving callout functionality.


  • Timeouts and retries are an issue in our environment.
    • In the history display, it would be useful to be able to group attempts under each transaction, to see quickly and easily how many times a transaction was attempted and whether it finally succeeded.
    • After a timeout occurs, it would be useful to "stagger" the retries, for example 2 minutes before the second attempt, 5 more minutes before the third, 15 minutes before the 4th, and an hour before the 5th.  This is in case other processes are consuming bandwidth or server resources.
    • 15 seconds is rarely enough time for our callouts to complete if the service being called has been idle for some time.  Being able to configure the first attempt at a transaction to allow longer would be helpful.
    • If the planned custom action by result type could be configured by HTTP response code and attempt number, we could perform custom actions only when a 5th response 408 was received (or whatever number we've set as the retry limit).
    • The parse flag shouldn't determine whether a 408 response is correctly detected as a timeout.
  • Our environment may encounter issues if sync processing is delayed or encounters an error.
    • A manual re-attempt button from the callout history, perhaps only shown when the transaction has not succeeded on any attempt, would be useful.
    • The ability to see the parameters and the responses as tooltips by hovering would be helpful to us.
  • Our study of daily callout results could be more efficient.
    • If callout history were a valid data source for reporting, we could construct custom reports to scan quickly for problems, and make those reports part of admin dashboards.
    • With a report, attempts could be grouped under transactions (this could also be provided at the API level).
    • Using a report, we could filter out multiple callout types and display multiple types, allowing, for example, a report featuring all subscription event caused callouts, but no others.
    • 201 is a successful HTTP response code.  Although we've programmed around this issue, it would be preferable if Zuora could recognize 200 or 201, possibly even 202, as a success, and display the response codes for Pass as well as those for Fail.  Even better, allow selection at run time between showing Pass/Fail, actual HTTP response code, or HTTP response short description.
MaggieL Master


Update Zuora Z-Force Sample Code

Status: New Idea
by Master MaggieL on ‎05-11-2016 12:30 PM

https://github.com/zuora/Z-Force has many Apex code samples for plugins and interfacing with the Z-Quotes.  Most of these are out of date with current state of Zuora - such as it still uses DateTime when app expects Date and deprecated objects such as QuoteCharge.


It would be good to have a new set of samples developed with the current version of Z-Quotes.



MKent525 Honor Student

Honor Student

Zuora is soon releasing a new functionality to suspend/resume subscriptions. this will be a great help in supporting seasonal customers, but it would be much better if it were also supported through zuora quotes! This way the salespeople and operations can make those changes, and they can go through the standard quote approval process before impacting our billing.

Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

Feature Request: Auto-populate Bill To and Sold To contact fields in Salesforce when creating New Quote

Status: under evaluation

Reference Number: DE10671

Business Need: Since Bill To / Sold To contact have been identified at the early stages of the account creation process, these fields are requested to be auto-populate with those details in new Z-Quote VisualForce page and at the same time retain the ability to change these details when needed.

Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

Currently in Z-Force (Salesforce) Zuora inserts and updates invoices for customers.  However when an invoice is adjusted, that change is not reflected in Salesforce.  This impacts our ability to see what a customer's true invoice amount is.

We could use an adjusted invoice amount on each invoice in order to calculate invoice totals for customers month over month.



Charles Senior Tutor

Senior Tutor

Save Opportunity Id to Zuora Subscription object when Quotes are Sent to Zuora.


This will be helpful to enable downstream reporting and billing/accounting audit.

HeraDonaldo Advanced Tutor

Advanced Tutor

I've incorporated an approval process with my org's quoting process.  It would be advantageous and convenient to have the pfd / word generated preview auto-attach to the Quote details page much like it auto-attaches to the opportunity page.  This would make it easier for the approver to review and one less step for the requester in submission.