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Zuora RevPro 36.001.00 Release Notes

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Zuora RevPro 36.001.00 Release Notes


We are pleased to announce that the Zuora RevPro 36.001.00 Release Notes has been published! From the November Release, 2018, Zuora RevPro is updating its version naming convention. The latest release version is 36.001.00.

Please check out Zuora RevPro 36.001.00 Release Notes for details.


The enhancements in this release include:

  • Netting Report Now Available
  • Support for Associating Filters to Existing Report Layouts
  • Enhancement in Netting Process for MJEs
  • Permissions Enabled for Report Layouts
  • SOB ID and Currency Code Auto-Population into MJE Now in General Availability

The resolved issues in this release include:

  • Unsupported POB Dependency Types in UI
  • Netting Performed at Both Contractual and Adjustment Levels
  • Waterfall Not Updated with Term Changes on RC Lines
  • Contra AR Account Entries Not Knocked Off after CM-RO or RORD Lines are Collected
  • Percent-Based POB Not Released Correctly If SO or INV Updated with Decreased Selling Price