Get Started with the Zuora Community

Begin Your Community Journey

As part of our ongoing effort to create a streamlined solution across all of our resources, we need to gate our content and require visitors to log-in.  Follow these steps to register and log into the platform.

Leveraging the Zuora Community can be broken down into 3 steps:

STEP 1: Define Your Community Experience

STEP 2: Explore and Join Communities

STEP 3: Get Involved

    Have Questions About the Zuora Community?

      These FAQs will teach you the basics on how to use the Zuora Community Platform.  If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me at I'm here to help!

      STEP 1: Define Your Community Experience. Would You Like To...

      STEP 2: Explore and Join Communities

      Explore groups ranging from Zuora-specific topics to role- and regional-based areas.

      Within each community group, there are six sections:

      1. Group Home - your community group's activity news feed 
      2. Discussion - ask and answer questions from other group members
      3. Library - valuable resources like PDF worksheets, videos, etc. 
      4. Blogs - informative articles related to your group's topic
      5. Events - calendar of events specific to your group's topic
      6. Members - search others who share an interest in your group's topic

      To participate in a community or receive email notifications of all activity, you will need to join the group. Upon joining, you'll have the option to select your email notification frequency: real-time, daily digest, no emails.

      TRY THIS:  Sign up for Zuora Release and Maintenance Notifications

      STEP 3: Get Involved. Get Started Right Now with These Tips:

      ASK a Question

      Search for questions that have been answered

      • TRY THIS: Search for “Zuora Release Management”

      Join a group and start a discussion

      LEARN New Ways to Use Zuora

      Browse upcoming Table Talks

      Browse the Community Video Library

      NETWORK with Others

      Find others who share your interests, industry, etc.

      Attend a Community Event
      • TRY THIS: Browse our events and RSVP