Community Opportunities

Help Us Make Zuora Better

Our teams are always looking for ways to make Zuora better and we need input from users like you to give us feedback on new features.  Community Opportunities include those in Early Adoption to Generally Available and your experiences are shared with our product and engineering teams to help play a part in developing Zuora in ways that will benefit other users.  

I'm interested!  What should I do?

Review the respective areas below to learn more about the opportunity either in a Zuora product manager's discussion posts or through a Community Table Talk product session that introduces the feature more in-depth along with directions on how to access the new feature or provide feedback.  

For opportunities not listed below, share your feedback with us in our ideas portal.

Zuora Administrators

  • Zuora Protect - EA Program

    Zuora Protect is our comprehensive suite of security features designed to enhance data protection, privacy, and compliance capabilities within Zuora. It provides your organization with advanced tools to safeguard sensitive information, prevent unauthorized access, and maintain the integrity of your data. 

Application Lifecycle Management

  • Seamless Deployments and CI/CD with Zuora for Git - Beta Program

    With Git for Zuora, we help you streamline with your same tools and processes across different parts of your commerce platform. This uniformity reduces the learning curve and increases productivity for your team. Our GIT integration also aids in your compliance, as every change is documented and can be reviewed or rolled back if necessary. 

Integrations and Extensions

  • Billing Connector for HubSpot - EA Program

    HubSpot is a CRM and CPQ that is gaining momentum in the market. This connector helps complete business processes from HubSpot in Zuora to provide your business the subscription backend along with auditing, compliance and revenue capabilities.  

Integrations and Extensions

  • Zuora Billing Connector For Salesforce CPQ - EA Program

    The CPQ Connector, facilitates seamless integration between the Salesforce CPQ frontend and the subscription-powered backend in Zuora. This integration optimizes quote-to-billing-to-revenue processes, resulting in reduced bottlenecks and enhanced operational efficiency by eliminating data management complexities.

Zuora Platform

  • Custom Functions - EA Program

    Functions empower users to create custom data validations, automate field calculations, and more. They are critical to enhancing data integrity, and resource efficiency and support complex business logic. These serve as a key building block of the Zuora Extension Studio.


  • Developer Center - Feedback

    We're looking at ways to simplify your user experience with Zuora, starting off with revamping our Developer Center and we want to hear from you!