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3 Reasons To Attend a Zuora Community Table Talk

By Lana Lee posted 08-04-2022 10:10


When Zuora users have questions, they often search the Zuora Community to find solutions or post a question - others file a support ticket.  Wouldn’t it be great to connect with Zuora and other customers in a real-time, open, and supportive environment?

Community Table Talks are collaborative virtual events where our customers have the opportunity to connect with Zuora experts along with other users to discuss topics ranging from APIs to Zephr.  

Here are some reasons why you should consider attending a Zuora Community Table Talk.

Top Reasons to Attend a Zuora Community Table Talk

1. Events are focused on product support and knowledge sharing

The Zuora Community team is dedicated to guide you toward using Zuora in the best way possible without sales pitches or adding you to a mailing list.  Simply put, our Table Talks are meant to support you in your Zuora journey with no strings attached.  While we may suggest using one of our add-on features, we leave it up to you to contact your Zuora representative to continue the conversation. 

2. Interact directly with Zuora

At every event, Zuora experts are on-hand to share best practices, provide demonstrations, hear your experiences, and answer your questions.  Whether it’s someone from the product team who developed the feature or someone who has “seen it all” like a solutions architect, you can rest assured that you are in good hands

3. Connect with Zuora Users Like You

We encourage interactive and collaborative discussions as though we are sitting around a table at a live Subscribed conference, coffee (or tea!)  having a casual conversation.  It isn’t uncommon for a Table Talk attendee to ask “Has anyone ever tried …” followed by another attendee sharing their experience, and ending with “Oh wow…I didn’t know I could do that!”   These conversations are what Table Talks and the Zuora Community are all about and I hope to meet you at a future event!

Don't Use Zuora Alone - Sign Up for a Community Table Talk

See what Table Talks are coming up next and subscribe to the Community News to receive new event announcements.  We host an average of 4 Table Talk each month and if there’s a topic that you’d like us to cover, please let us know in the comments below.