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Zuora RevPro Release Notes

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Zuora RevPro Release Notes

We are pleased to announce that the Zuora RevPro Release Notes has been published! Please check out Zuora RevPro Release Notes for details.


The enhancements in this release include:

  • New Release Revenue Option in Approval Rule
  • Forecasting Dates Customization
  • SFC Amount Available to be Split at Different Levels
  • Validation Process Master Program Enhanced for Multi-Org 
  • Support for Handling Prorated Lines 

The resolved issues in this release include:

  • Overstated and Understated Revenue Recognition Issues upon Full Billing 
  • Revenue Automatically Re-Released on Deferral 
  • Adjustment Revenue Not Reflected in Accounting and Waterfall after Cost Upload
  • Unbalanced Entries in Schedules
  • Allocatable Amount Exists When ESP and SSP are Zero 
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