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Technical changes of summarization tables

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Technical changes of summarization tables

As part of the architecture improvement that will be delivered in RevPro, technical changes are made to some summarization objects. The product predefined programs and jobs are updated based on these changes.


If you have any customized programs or jobs that involve summarization objects, please make a note of these changes and also the customized one-time summarization script to ensure that these changes do not introduce any errors.



The summarization table names are changed as indicated in the table below. 

Previous table name

New table name

Table usage



The base table for all the summarized data. 



The temporary table used for summarization during the runtime. 



The base table for all summarized waterfall data.



The temporary table used for waterfall data during the runtime. 



The following synonyms are created for the summarization base tables. Beginning from RevPro, the TRUNCATE command cannot be used on these synonyms. 

  • rpro_ri_acct_summ_g
  • rpro_ri_acct_summ_t
  • rpro_ri_wf_summ_g
  • rpro_ri_wf_summ_t


If the previous table names are still being used with the TRUNCATE command in any of your customized script or job, it will error out. 


User action

If you have used the TRUNCATE command on any of these summarization tables (rpro_ri_acct_summ_g and rpro_ri_wf_summ_g), please replace them with the new table names. 


If the previous tables are used in the customized script or job but the TRUNCATE command is NOT used on them, then no action is required.

As indicated in the table below, the previous way of using the TRUNCATE command needs to be updated to the new way.

Previous way

New way

TRUNCATE TABLE rpro_ri_acct_summ_g;

TRUNCATE TABLE rpro_ri_acct_summ_s1;

TRUNCATE TABLE rpro_ri_acct_summ_s2;

TRUNCATE TABLE rpro_ri_wf_summ_g;

TRUNCATE TABLE rpro_ri_wf_summ_s1;

TRUNCATE TABLE rpro_ri_wf_summ_s2;

For Zuora staff to find more details regarding the latest one-time summarisation script, please check the JIRA ticket: RD-6761 after the release


Re: Technical changes of summarization tables

Hi Zuora team,


Can you clarify if these technical changes of summarization tables will be part of revpro version upgrade if we are using RevPro on cloud.

Will this be part of RevPro upgrade process if we use RevPro on cloud.


Do we need to do any changes from our side.

RevPro Support

Re: Technical changes of summarization tables

This will be part of the standard release for the cloud.  No action required by customers.  The only request is not run One Time summarization programs created in prior versions without checking support.


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