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System Driven RC close

Question: We have had several cases in which the system has closed the RC automatically. We would like to know more about this functionality and what causes the system to close an RC without user intervention.

Answer : There are only 2 possible ways to close an RC.
                1)Manual RC close by user
                2)Contract modification

1)Manual RC close by user :

  • We can close the RC from workbench by selecting the option as Close RC


  • When you close the RC, no new line gets added to the RC even if grouping is satisfied (A new RC will be created). Rest of the activity on the closed RC remains the same as regular RC, such as release of revenue by events, backlog. 
  • To reduce the backlog, same steps of an updated SO need to be sent.

2) Contract Modification:

  • If the allocation treatment is "New Revenue Contract" in the contract modification setup for New POB within SSP , then following two options will be displayed and the intended functionality is explained below.



  • Create And Close RC: In this case, system will close the newly created RC, so that future new lines will not be associated to the new RC
  • Create and Keep Open: In this case, system will close the original RC and keep the newly created RC open -  @ options 1) In initial contract period 2) In revision period.

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