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Zuora Staff

How to generate forecast in RevPro?

This article explains the options to generate forecast entries in RevPro.


By clicking Generate Forecast menu option from the Revenue Contract (RC) Workbench.

  • Open the Revenue Contract in the RC workbench for which the forecast need to be generated. 
  • Select the Generate Forecast menu option.
  • The forecast entries get created/adjusted for the eligible lines accordingly.



By running Revpro 3.0 Generate Forecast Master program.

  • This program picks only the lines which are not fully released (Release% < 100) to generate forecast schedules at system level.



By enabling the system profile option Enable Forecast

  • This option can be enabled if the system has to generate the forecast for all the RCs automatically   when the Revenue Contract is created and automatically altered when any revenue action is performed.
  • If this option is enabled, it is not required to
    1. generate forecast from the RC Workbench
    2. run Revpro 3.0 Generate Forecast Master program manually.