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Announcing the merger of RevPro Support portal with the Unified Zuora Support Portal

RevPro Support

Announcing the merger of RevPro Support portal with the Unified Zuora Support Portal

Zuora is going to merge the RevPro Zendesk Support portal with its unified Zuora Zendesk portal on April 18, 2020 and decommission the dedicated RevPro Zendesk Support portal. Hence all the customers post this date will be using the common unified support portal for all their support needs.


What does this mean?


As part of the unification project, Zuora Customer Support team is going to have a single unified Zuora Support portal. Beginning 18th April, 2020, we will be decommissioning the RevPro Zendesk portal and you will be redirected to Zuora Support portal. You may need to follow the forgot password link and reset your password for the first time. 


Why is Zuora merging the support portals?


Zuora will have (all under one-roof with) a single support portal for all its Billings, RevPro and Zuora Revenue (customers using both Zuora Billings & RevPro) customers for easy maintenance and reporting. After the unification, Zuora Revenue customers can access their tickets in the unified portal.


Who are all affected?


RevPro customers using RevPro Zendesk portal will not have access to it after the unification. Instead, they will be accessing the Zuora Support portal for all their support needs. 


What is the migration window?


On 18th April 2020, the RevPro Zendesk will not be available from 8PM PST. The expected duration for the migration of the data to the Zuora Zendesk portal is approximately 6 to 8 hours. Once the migration is completed, you will be notified on the completion along with the new URL to be accessed going forward.


How do I report an incident during the migration window?


You will not be able to submit tickets by accessing the support portal as it will be down during the migration window. Alternatively, you may send an email to support-revpro@zuora.com which will automatically create a ticket in the unified support portal and you will receive a notification on the ticket creation. 


For urgent and critical Production issues, you may reach out to the RevPro support team on the hotline# 1 888 883 2821 for creating a new ticket or tracking the status of the open ticket. For escalations, please do not hesitate to send an email to revpro_support_managers@zuora.com.


What is the impact of this unification/migration?


All active RevPro tickets and historical tickets will be migrated to the Zuora Zendesk. Post migration, the requesters of the current active tickets will be receiving a notification from Zuora Zendesk with the details of the new ticket number (along with the corresponding old ticket number) to be tracked, going forward.


RevPro Only Customers: All the customer accounts and the user accounts will be migrated to the unified portal; you can access your account with the same user name which you have been using for accessing the RevPro Zendesk portal, after the migration.


Billing and Zuora Revenue Customers: User accounts that do not exist in the unified portal will be migrated from RevPro Zendesk and mapped to the existing customer accounts. All your RevPro tickets will be migrated to the unified portal and will be tagged under the existing customer account.

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