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Re: Return State/Province ISO Codes

Return State/Province ISO Codes



One of my customers needs to have the state/province ISO codes returned instead of or along with the state names when querying for accounts or contacts. Can we please add this feature?





Zuora Staff

Thanks Waly.


This request is a high priority request for Best Buy.  If we can push to move this into a near term road map deliverable, that would be great.  If you need further information about this request, please contact Shannon Mobey or Mark Kundivich.






I agree, this would be excellent so we could avoid maintaining translation tables in various integration steps.


Likely following the Salesforce approach would be great: State, StateCode, Country, CountryCode - existing integrations keep working, new integrations get simpler.

Zuora Staff

+1 - this was a requirement for IBM for Worldwide growth as well

Zuora Staff

This would make many things simpler including invoice address presentment

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

Good idea! I'll investigate this as a possible enhancement.

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Do we know if this feature has been included? 

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Hi team,

Any update or timeline as til when State and Country ISO codes are available in the API?

This is a kind of urgent for us as most of the other ERP systems like NetSuite only supports ISO or at least easy to map to an external systems.


Any reply on this be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Zuora Staff

Hi guys,


Any news on this?


The documentation states that we can get these values under ISO abbreviation however it doesn't seem to work that way.