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Create a New or Enhance the Current Note Field

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Create a New or Enhance the Current Note Field

Presently, any user can edit or remove a note at the customer account. It would be helpful for the notes field to allow for more characters and require an audit trail, such as how the email history is tracked. That way, it cannot later be removed or edited and we know the exact date it was added.

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Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: New Idea

Hi @daniellehoag, lots of good ideas here. First of all, don't forget to vote on another idea already under consideration, Audit Trail. Second, sounds like you might be interested in more granular permissions on the Account. Particularly, please list this as the use case (or others) that you'd like to see. Lastly, you'd like the changes to be listed on the Account history section, just like what e-mails have been sent out. For that, I'll move this issue to the Billing section, so my colleague can track it there.