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This Sunday, thirteen ZEOs from the San Mateo office ran in the Oakland Running Festival in support of a charity, CALICO, an organization that helps children who've been abused navigate the complex legal system to achieve justice and healing.


We had three teams participating in the marathon relay and 3 individuals running the 5K.


Through the involvement of these ZEOs and their financial support (including Zuora's!), we were able contribute $2,000 to CALICO's efforts in raising over $44,000; which means that 44 children will receive care this coming year. This funding is especially critical as many social service organizations face funding cuts this year.


I'm incredibly proud of everyone who ran and glad to be part of a team that cares about fitness, community, and giving back!


Zuora at Oakland Running Festival

Photo (L-R): Alex Rodoni, Saryu Verma, Chris Bruner, Karl Goldstein, Gail Jimenez, Anna Padmaraj, Jennifer Yen and Azucena Araujo gathering for a photo at the start line.


Oakland Running Festival-1.jpg

(Photo L-R) Ming Xu, Gina Yen, and Christina Lesnick (left to right) enjoying the sunshine and basking in the post-race glow.



Oakland Running Festival-2.jpg

(Photo L-R): Before the race, Azucena Araujo, Alex Rodoni, Jennifer Yen, Wendy Keo, Chris Bruner, Gail Jimenez, and Saryu Verma gather for a photo at the start line.


Oakland Running Festival-3.jpg

(Photo L-R): Alex Rodoni, Anna Padmaraj, and Azucena celebrate the completion of their team marathon relay at the finish line! 


Oakland Running Festival-4.jpg

(Photo L-R): Chris Bruner and Saryu Verma do a victory pose at the finish line, following the completion of the marathon relay.

Zuora Alumni

Awesome!! GO ZUORA!

Zuora Support Moderator

You guys ran an amazing race!!!!


Great job!

Community Manager

I am so proud of Z-team for representing our company and running so well!

Zuora Alumni

That is wonderful!! Go Zuora Go!