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Re: Community Spotlight: Thoughts from a Zuora Community Intern

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As Summer internships are ending and our interns are heading back to school, here’s a Community spotlight from our very own Community Intern, Sasha Schaps.


“What is a Zuora?”

After surveying with other interns, this has by far been the number one question asked by our friends and family when we try to describe our internship experience. Like several other interns, I had found out about Zuora through a career fair at my school, UC Santa Barbara. Understanding the change in the technology landscape as people are moving to purchase services rather than materials goods isn’t something they teach us in school. Intrigued, I decided to look on their website and apply for an internship.


The subscription economy is something I experience in my day to day life - from my favorite services such as Hulu and Ipsy to the New York Times. I knew that starting my career at Zuora would help expose me understanding the subscription economy better as well as grow my professional skills.




Life as a Zuora Community Intern

After being with Zuora for a little over 6 weeks, I am incredibly grateful to have worked with a great team and for an amazing company. As the Community Intern, I worked with the Global Support and Community team. The Zuora Community platform is relatively new to Zuora, and for my internship, I worked closely with the Community Manager to help generate content for the Community and promote it on through our social media channels (LinkedIn and Twitter).


Slack for iOS Upload.jpg


As the Community grows (thanks to great users like you!) we hope to continue adding interesting and helpful content. I also worked on several other projects, allowing me to work with groups across the support organization. While having a lot of projects has really helped me revamp my resume, I am most grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the great people at Zuora. Global Support and Services is like a family, from our daily walks around the block to sharing señorita bread, I have learned so much from each member of the team.



Zuora Internship Perks

Being a Zuora intern also has some great perks! The ZEO Success team has also done their best to provide us with every resource to succeed at Zuora and beyond. We heard from Zuora executive staff - and even Tien (CEO) himself - about how to make the most out of this experience and what we can do to continue success in the future.


But it isn’t all work! In fact, just a couple weeks ago, Zuora took us out to a Giants game, and even though they lost, it really brought the interns even closer. Every Thursday, the Interns coordinate outings together - Bocce Ball, Off the Grid, and Happy Hours, are just some of the events we have planned together. Plus, the office is always packed with snacks, and food can be found in every corner.



Onto the Next Stage

Thank you Zuora for the amazing experiences and memories! I am incredibly grateful to have worked with an amazing team and I am exciting to see what the future has in store for my awesome intern cohort. As for me, I am continuing my education and starting my Master's Degree in International Business this fall. Other interns will be remaining and going on to full-time positions! The Zuora Internship program is a great place to start your career or enrich your education with professional experience.


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Zuora Alumni

Such a great summer with you @Sasha! You will truly be missed. Thank you so much for all of your contributions. I hope our paths cross again in the future!

Zuora Support Moderator

Thanks for bearing with us during our Pokemon Go outings, @Sasha

Community Manager

Looks like our interns had an awesome experience at Zuora.  Thanks for your help with the Community @Sasha and being our very first Community intern!

Zuora Alumni

It made me so happy to read Sasha's story. I'm glad we had the opportunity to work with you this summer.