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25 South Korean Students Getting Subscribed!

Zuora Alumni

Last week, I had the honor to show 25 Students from Korea Polytechnic University around our new San Mateo Zuora HQ. Every year, KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) hosts an event for San Jose State University and a different Korean University. This year, Korea Polytechnic University was asked to participate in this program where they ran a startup boot camp with Silicon Valley venture capitalists at SJSU. Korea Polytechnic University is a private university in South Korea and was established with support from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.


@Jinho Park, our lead technical consultant in our Atlanta office, has a friend in KOTRA and Dr. Shim, who leads the group of students and faculty members, was Jinho’s master's thesis advisor. KOTRA asked Jinho if these students could visit Zuora to learn more about the subscription economy and what Zuora does to support it.


The students were intrigued about Zuora and they asked some very insightful questions. Professor Shim (SJSU) said that

“Sanjay gave us introduction to Zuora. We learned about subscription economy which was termed by Zuora where companies can experience services that meets their needs rather than static products. In addition, we learned that subscription services include security, monitoring, and accounting. We also learned that solving pain points for business can create a great company like Zuora. Overall, it was a good learning experience to students and appreciate all the welcome that we received.”


Jinho was also available on call to communicate to the students in Korean and that was very helpful and everyone in the room got very excited and started clapping when I tried to say "Welcome" and "Thank You" in Korean! It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Shim and all of the students and I wish them well in their futures!


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