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Recap: Subscribed Tokyo

Zuora Alumni
Zuora Alumni

On Oct.13th, we hosted our 1st Subscribed Tokyo in Japan. We had more than 860 registrations and more than 450 attendees for the event, and the place was packed!


The survey showed very positive response, and I must say it was a huuuuuuuuuuge success!


It was a half day, one track event, which consisted 4 parts below:

  1. Keynote by Jun, Tien, Mr.Uda (ex-SFDC Japan president)
  2. Reference customer session by Toshiba, Yayoi, MKI
  3. Solution session by Zuora Japan
  4. Special session by Prof.Ito, one of the most famous Japanese economists


From our keynote to the special session, the message was consistent:

  • In order to survive, you need to change/transform
  • Outcomes not products (ownership)


9 Media Article pick-ups. Note: articles are in Japanese


Pictures from Subscribed Tokyo:


Zuora Subscribed Japan.png


Subscribed Tokyo 2016.png





Pictures from the Press Conference:

Press Conference.png