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Mastering Subscriber Identity with Insights at Subscribed '16 Training

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The Subscription Economy is all about monetizing ongoing customer relationships and converting customers into subscribers, but how can you generate actionable insights on your subscribers? In this Subscribed ‘16 training session, you will get hands-on experience with Zuora's newest product -- Insights.


About the Course

This course is open to all Zuora customers.  Attendees do not have to be current Zuora Insights customers.

Course Prerequisites

None! All you need is the desire to learn how to generate actionable insights on subscribers.


Key Takeaways

Attendees will learn tips on developing and monetizing ongoing customer relationships by generating actionable insights on subscribers.


Get Expert Insights Training At Subscribed ‘16’s Training Day

This course is a great overview of the power of Zuora Insights that will give you a different perspective on how you understand your subscribers as well as anticipate and impact key outcomes such as retention, upsell and conversion.  Register today for Subscribed ‘16 to take part of our Zuora Training sessions on April 11th - the day before Subscribed ‘16 that’s held on  April 12-13 at the Hilton, Union Square in San Francisco.

What type(s) of Customer insights would be beneficial to your business?  Share them below.