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Do your customers prefer to pay by check over electronic methods? Does this require your billing operations department to manually key in each check payment and match them to accounts and invoices? Have you signed up with a lockbox bank provider to streamline the process, but still find your staff overwhelmed?

Zuora’s Configurable Lockbox is the answer for you. Adaptable for integration to any lockbox bank provider, Configurable Lockbox is easy to launch and configure to start automatically matching and applying check payments.

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Promo codes

Leveraging promotion codes and coupons can be a complicated process. Generating unique codes, enabling code redemption, setting time limits, etc. can get convoluted and cumbersome if you don’t have an automated solution.

Zuora’s Promotion Code Management app offers an efficient and automated solution for this requirement. With its ease of configuration and breadth of APIs, the application can manage millions of codes and customers without any manual intervention or custom work-arounds.

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Prepaid Drawdown

Ever considered offering a prepaid model for your products or services? This charge model allows companies to collect payments upfront and allow customers to consume against that balance. Think of the “pre-paid (top-up) and drawdown” model for pay-as-you-go cell phone plans.

Zuora’s Prepaid Drawdown App enables this business model. With its deep integration to the Zuora billing system, the app offers a quick and easy solution for your prepayment use cases.

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Collections Manager

Does your business have an advanced collection process? Do you want to automatically cancel subscriptions when accounts reach a specific past due amount or debt age?

Zuora's Collection Manager is the solution for automating these processes in your business. Built on Zuora Workflow solution, this app enables customers with advanced dunning requirements to perform actions like Suspend, Resume, Cancel, Write-Off, and Send Email & SMS Notifications. Utilizing the business user-friendly Collection’s Manager interface, users can model multiple collections processes and test their effectiveness on a subset of customers. Performant processes can be applied to your customer base to improve your overall ability to collect.

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Configurable Tax Engine

Zuora’s Configurable Tax Engine offers the quick, pre-built integration needed to deal with various tax types and rules. Configurable Tax Engine holds up-to-the-minute tax rate data for numerous sales tax jurisdictions globally and eliminates the need for user manual update.

User customization of the Liquid templating engine allows the app to automatically calculate the correct tax rates for invoice, taking into account tax conditions, customer location, various tax types and rules. With an easy to launch and configure app, Zuora has made it easier to integrate your existing tax service with our world class subscription relationship management solution.

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Minimum Commitment Extension

Does your company’s business and cost model rely on usage? Do you use commitment levels and thresholds to drive upsells among your existing customers? But what happens if your customer doesn’t hit their committed volume? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could charge your customer their commitment level each invoice if they don’t consume enough usage?

All of these use cases are supported out of the box with our Minimum Commitment Extension App.

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