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groupType property on zChargeGroup class

I've inherited code which referrs to the groupType property on the zChargeGroup class. Is there any documentation on how that property is populated and what the range of values are?


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Re: groupType property on zChargeGroup class

This attribute defines the lifecycle of a Quote Charge.  We have quite a few documents about the usage of this attribute.  
Here are the docs: 
Global method definition (also pointed out by Daniel - this is the definition of the global attribute groupType). The range of values are marked with "Life cycle indicator."
This is a more use-case driven doc about how to use zChargeGroup to add/update/delete products.  It outlines how the groupType attribute value is being populated: 
This document was added with Quotes version 5.100 and earlier.  It is no longer applicable to new Quotes app since 5.100, but the diagrams in this doc capture the lifecycle of products in a quote the best.  I think this doc can be modified and merged into the new Component Library docs.