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Zuora Quotes Upgrade - Quote Charge Object

We are starting the process of upgrading Zuora 360 and Zuora Quotes. Our Account Executive sent us the Upgrade Assessor Tool which we ran and received results indicating the following 2 problems that need to be addressed before we can proceed with the upgrade:


# Problem 
1 WSDL version is less than 80.0. See instructions for upgrading.

2 There are 214 recent Quote Charges. Ensure that "Store Data in Quote Charge" setting is not in use


The 1st problem is clear and we can resolve it, but we are looking for clarity on the 2nd problem. We've run this tool 3 separate times on 3 different days and have received the following outcomes: The first time we ran this tool, there were 207 recent Quote Charges, the next time was 214, and the last time was 202. We are looking for clarity on what these Quote Charges represent. Are we correct in our understanding that these Quote Charges represent New Subscription Quotes that are sitting in "New" status in Salesforce and have not yet been sent to Z-billing? Zuora Support explained that the New Subscription quotes that were saved in previous versions of Zuora Quotes will not be accessible in this version and if we need to maintain a backward compatibility with the deprecated Quote Charge object, we need to run the Quote Charge Data Migration.

Zuora Support

Re: Zuora Quotes Upgrade - Quote Charge Object



Upgrade Assessor tool is not supported to identify the problems which needs to be addressed while upgrade as it does not give you result of all the problems when upgrading Zuora Quotes .


If you are upgrading from a older version of managed package to recent version, please note that this involves changes/update of your customization as well accordingly. 



Additionally, in version 6.54, Quote charge object was migrated to Quote Rate plan charge object. 


When ZQuote package is upgraded from a version prior to 6.5x, Migration script ZuoraQuotesUpgradeConversion6_51.cls might need to be run manually , if it was never run automatically to migrate Quote charge records to Quote rate plan charge records.


Community article for reference  - https://community.zuora.com/t5/Zuora-CPQ/Tips-to-troubleshoot-issues-migrating-QuoteCharges-to/td-p/...


If you would need further assistance, could you please create a support ticket and mention the details from which version of Zuora quotes you are upgrading and we can set up a call to further discuss the steps involved in upgrade


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Re: Zuora Quotes Upgrade - Quote Charge Object

Thank you Manojna. We had created a support ticket already and received similar information as you have provided here; however, the response we also received was that because we are trying to upgrade from 6.43 to latest version, this is a major upgrade, and she advised we get zuora services help for the upgrade. I'm not sure what that means as we were opening the support ticket to discuss the steps involved in the upgrade, as you've suggested. What do you suggest we do from here?


Also, are you able to answer my question: Are we correct in our understanding that these Quote Charges represent New Subscription Quotes that are sitting in "New" status in Salesforce and have not yet been sent to Z-billing?


Re: Zuora Quotes Upgrade - Quote Charge Object

The Quote Charge object is for new charges on quotes before and after sent to Z Billing.


Practice the upgrade in a Sandboxbefore production.  It took us several iterations before we got everything set up.  We had data issues that we had to fix before succeeding.


Here is some code I used in execute anon to verify whether the migration was complete:


Set<ID> goodquoteChargeIdSet = new Set<ID>();
Set<ID> badquoteChargeIdSet = new Set<ID>();

for (zqu__QuoteCharge__c i: [
    SELECT  zqu__Quote__c, zqu__isMigrated__c
    FROM zqu__QuoteCharge__c]){
    if (i.zqu__isMigrated__c)

for (ID id:goodquoteChargeIdSet){

     System.debug('Migrated ' + id);
for (ID id:badquoteChargeIdSet){

     System.debug('Not Migrated ' + id);

We did go through several support tickets for the process.  Good luck.

Maggie Longshore