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Storing product rateplan charge custom field value to quote rate plan charge



Is there a way to store/copy over product rate plan charge level custom field (syced through Z-360) value into quote rate plan charge level custom field? I have additional product charge level information which I want to store in custom field to be able to show and have salerep edit them. Later needs to be shown in quote template.  


Please note, I cannot use product rate plan charge description as it is used for other purpose.


Is there a solution available for this or it needs a custom work?




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Re: Storing product rateplan charge custom field value to quote rate plan charge

Hi Vasudeva,

Please do this in Sandbox first,


You will need to

  • create the custom fields in Zuora and Salesforce
  • export the data from Zuora
  • reimport the data into the new field
  • contact support to reset your sync flags - so the existing custom field data gets synced
  • do a full sync

Please let us know if you have any questions and we will follow up with you to assist you further


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Storing product rateplan charge custom field value to quote rate plan charge


We have the following similar use case.


A customer has Subscription Rate Plan Charges in Zuora which have technical custom fields that are required for an external microservice.

These Custom Fields originate in the Zuora Product Catalogue but also need to be populated when creating a new subscription.

This can be done when sending a quote from Salesforce to Zuora as custom fields on Rate Plan Charge are NOT copied to Subscription Rate Plan Charge when creating a subscription directly in Zuora.


What we did:

  • Create the Custom Fields in Zuora:
    • Type__c on Product Rate Plan Charge Object
    • Type__c on Subscription Rate Plan Charge Object
  • Set the value for Type in the product Catalogue for all Charges
  • Create The Custom Fields in Salesforce
    • Type__c on Product Rate Plan Charge Object (so the values get synced from the Zuora Product Catalogue)
    • Type__c on Quote Rate Plan Charge Object (FORMULA field which copies the value from =zqu__ProductRatePlanCharge__r.Type__c)
  • Add the custom field to the Custom Charge field set as described here: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CA_Commerce/C_Zuora_Quotes/CA_Configuring_Z-Force_Quotes/D_Configu...
  • Create a new Quote
  • Send to Zuora
  • Custom Fields are populated on Subscription Rate Plan Charge!


Note: If the custom field contains picklist values, the Formula will not work without a little workaround:

'Tier1', 'Tier1',
'Tier2', 'Tier2',