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Salesforce CPQ to Zuora - managing renewals

We are implementing Salesforce CPQ (Steelbrick) using the connector to integrate to our existing Zuora tenant.


We have been using auto-renew on Zuora subscriptions to generate the renewal amendments through the billing run process.


Are we able to continue using this automated process now that the contracts, subscriptions and renewals are managed in CPQ?   Or do we need to stop generating renewals through Zuora auto-renewals and instead manage renewals in CPQ?





Sean Ralph CPA CA
Support SME

Re: Salesforce CPQ to Zuora - managing renewals

Hi @sralph,  correct,  there is no auto renew concept in CPQ connector


Thank you

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Re: Salesforce CPQ to Zuora - managing renewals

Hi Doyeli,


Can you elaborate on your comment?  We're facing the same situation, and are wondering how to make the contract update/create within Salesforce CPQ after auto-renewal is triggered within Zuora.  What is the recommended approach?


Re: Salesforce CPQ to Zuora - managing renewals

You can't create renewals in Zuora that will update the Salesforce CPQ objects.  In Salesforce CPQ the renewal process generates a renewal opportunity from the contract and subscription objects in CPQ.  That opp then needs to be processed in CPQ (contracted once the renewal opportunity is closed/won) to create the renewed contract and subscription records in CPQ.   These are then synced to Zuora through the Connector.   Those subscriptions in Zuora will then be billed in the normal process.

Sean Ralph CPA CA