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Quoting with Account Hierarchies

Use Case:


When creating Quote is Salesforce with a new account, how to add the parent-child relationship in Salesforce.

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Re: Quoting with Account Hierarchies



Three Concepts of managing subscription relationships:



Who OWNS the subscription or who is RECEIVING the SERVICE

Invoice Owner

Who is PAYING for this subscription

Zuora Parent Billing Account Name

How subscription owner is RELATED to other entities and to arrange billing accounts in hierarchies.


Pre-requisite for Parent/Child Account Hierarchies:

Create 2 accounts (1 Parent Account and 1 Child Accounts) and link Child account to the parent account.


Select ‘Enable Parent Customer Account’ in Quote Configuration Settings from Zuora Config Tab in salesforce.



Payment Method with Account Hierarchy:


Account hierarchies are used only for displaying structure. Parent accounts do not naturally pay for child accounts, “unless the invoice owner of subscriptions on the child account is set to the parent account”


Steps to create Parent Child Quotes:


  1. Create new subscription quote with new billing account.
  2. Account will be the “subscription owner” which is child account.
  3. Select “Invoice Owner” as “Parent Account” on the new quote if required.
  4. Select “Zuora parent billing account” as “Parent Account” on the new quote to setup the account parent-child relationship.
  5. Send the quote to Zuora.

**Note: This is for when we do ‘New subscription quote with new billing account’


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Re: Quoting with Account Hierarchies

Hi @joeantonmanoj,

Thanks for writing this community article for your use case which might be helpful for us in future.


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