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Quote Sub-total showing additional value

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Quote Sub-total showing additional value

Question: Customer had a scenario where a Renewal Quote in Production was showing a Subtotal Value of $60009.88 whereas he wanted it to display a sub-total of $ 60,000 [Unit Price: 7500; Quantity: 8 ].

He wanted to know how there is an extra value of $ 9.88.


Solution :

The tenant had the proration setting was for Actual Number of Days.
Sub Total in simple context is the Amount without Tax.

On checking the Existing Subscription of the Particular Renewal Quote in Zuora there were Two service periods that it was billed.

First period :  

"ServiceStartDate": "2019-07-23",
"ServiceEndDate": "2020-06-30",
"ChargeAmount": 56393.44,

The detailed calculation of Charge Amount is as follows : 

  • $60,000* ( 344 days) /( 366 days)  =   56393.44
  • Please note we take 366 days because 2020 is a leap year.

Second Period:

"ServiceStartDate": "2019-07-01",
"ServiceEndDate": "2019-07-22",
"ChargeAmount": 3616.44,


  • $60,000*(22days)/(365days)= 3616.44
  • This is between the year 2019 thus we consider 365 days.  

Thus the Subtotal ==> 56393.44 + 3616.44  =  60009.88


On setting Bill Cycle day to Default from the Customer Account there were able to get the value of $60,000  earlier Bill Cycle day was 1.


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