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Quote Approval Submission Errors

I'm still configuring everything in test before moving to production.

An approval process has been put in place to trigger for quotes with a discount greater than zero.

I've created a dummy account, contact and opportunity and two quotes against this opportunity.

The first quote goes through the process fine.  The second does not.  I've trield recalling the first and and submitting the second quote, same result.

The error message I'm getting is "Unable to Submit for Approval.  This record does not meet the entry criteria or initial submitters of any active approval process."  Both quotes have a discount applied.  Both are from the same dummy account and opportunity.  

Would appreciate some insight into what i'm doing wrong so I can fix.


Thank you,


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Re: Quote Approval Submission Errors

@HeraDonaldo - can you let us know which Quotes version you're testing with?

Also, can you verify the workflow (where you are starting your quote, and which buttons you are clicking).



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Re: Quote Approval Submission Errors

I am on version 7.0.2.

The user goes to an opportunity, selects the "New Quote" button and goes through the quoting process.

Assuming all required opportunity and acccount fields are populated, then the user clicks on the "Submit for Approval" button.

My approval process entry criteria fires when a quote's discount equals zero.  Low barrier to get the process started.

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Re: Quote Approval Submission Errors

FYI we have introduced a new field "Approval Status" in Quotes 7.1.1 that lets you set the quote to a particular status for submission.  This is accompanied by a custom setting in Quotes config that lets you prevent submission of the Quote to Zuora if not in Approved status.