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Overriding New Quote Button

I am attempting to override the Create Quote Button on the Opportunity page.


In certain cases I am taking the user to a custom VF page to prevent the quote from being created.


Otherwise I want the user to continue just as if they had pressed the OOTB Create Quote button.


In Apex, how do I redirect the page into the quote Wizard and what parameters should I set for it to work?


@feisley @doyeli or anyone else with knowledge of this.

Maggie Longshore

Re: Overriding New Quote Button

The button is set to open a VisualForce page:




So you just need to make sure your first VisualForce page (with your custom logic) will redirect to that "QuoteOption" one and pass it the Opportunity ID as a parameter.


Note this is in the "zqu" namespace, so you either need to manually set the hostname or do zqu__QuoteOption when referencing the URL (my example above came from the zqu custom domain so it had it omitted.


Re: Overriding New Quote Button

Thank you very much.  This worked for me.

Maggie Longshore
Support SME

Re: Overriding New Quote Button

Thank you very much @feisley.

Hi @MaggieL, sorry, I was out of office last week, so couldn't respond back earlier.

I also had tried the similar requirement for another customer , earlier.

The requirement was that if a custom field instance_c in Opportunity record was not populated, I needed to redirect  the user to the custom “SearchInstanceOnOpportunity” page.
otherwise I needed to send them to the “zqu__QuoteOption” page .

I had created a custom create Quote button that had the following java script:


var instanceId = '{!Opportunity.Instance__c}';
if (instanceId == '') {
window.open('/apex/SearchInstanceOnOpportunity?id={!Opportunity.Id}&redirectToQuote=true', '_self');
} else {
window.open('/apex/zqu__QuoteOption?id={!Opportunity.Id}', '_self');

Glad to know that you could make it work.


Thank you BOTH

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