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Merge tables in Quote Templates for Renewals

Is anyone generating Quote PDFs for Renewal Quotes?  Then are any of those Renewal Quotes have products with features?


We sell lots of products and each product has several features.  On renewal quotes some of those products could be removed, updated, left alone, or new prodocuts with features added.


What I am struggling with is how are other companies organize their quote template for renewals?  Are you displaying products and features to your customers?  Are you inclduing charge information like quantity and price?  Or something else?


Right now to get all the information we want onto a document, there's one table that uses the QuoteRatePlan table with the QuoteFeature table to display associated feature to the products PLUS a second tbale that is uses the QuoteRatePlanCharge table to list the SAME products, but now to display the associated quantity and price.  If we have 5 products with 5 feautures, that's 25 rows to display feature information.  Then an addtional 5 rows to display the price information.  30 rows....seems like a lot of space for alot of redunant information.


I KNOW there isn't a solution with the given table structure.  I KNOW Zuora can't change the fundamental structure of their product catalog overnight.


I'm looking for other users/companies with the same problem so we can see if there's some sort of very creative solution out there or if Zuora and add new tables to help with the issue at some point in the future. I can't imagine we are the only company struggling with this, but maybe we are.

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Re: Merge tables in Quote Templates for Renewals



Even though there isn't a solution with the given table structure, or that the fundamental structure of the product catalog cannot be changed overnight. We do have a Product Ideas Community, where you can post your feature request and solicit direct input from the Product Management Team. You can also vote on features and post comments from other customers. The Product Management Team actively monitors the community and provide updates on feature requests when available.


In addition to our community, we have a quarterly product roadmap webinar delivered by the Product Management team. In this webinar, you will learn about our upcoming plans for feature development. To enroll, you can sign up here.


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Re: Merge tables in Quote Templates for Renewals

I have posted in the Idea Community already regarding 1 part of the above items.  http://community.zuora.com/t5/Zuora-for-Salesforce-Ideas/Populate-features-on-products-that-are-Orig...


I do already attend the quarterly product roadmaps.


I want to talk to other users about what they are doing since I'm not having much luck with what I've already done.  I've exhausted Zuora Support with tickets on these topics as well.


I thought posting in Discussions>Zuora for Salesforce would lead me to other users but it seems to be related to Zuora's RBM Solution.

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Re: Merge tables in Quote Templates for Renewals

Hi @ehavens,


Good call for opening up the discussion on quoting PDFs for renewal quotes to get more creative solutions. There might still be some users who can offer some input on what they do. Since you posted a few hours ago, I'd suggest giving it some more time. 


You can keep track of how many people have viewed your post at the bottom of your post to the left of "Labels" to give you an idea of your post's traffic. With luck, one of the views might be able to offer an out-of-the-box solution.


Thanks for being an active member here and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the Community!



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