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Is data will be removed from sfdc if we uninstall zuora

Hi Team,


I have a quick question.Right now we are using zuora 360 as well as zuora quotes.We have a issue with package installtion.So,my team has asking me to uninstall and reinstall it again.


But we have lot of data is there regarding account subscription as well as other objects information related to accout.


So,please let me know measures to take before uinstalling package.And what happen if we install package again after few days.

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Re: Is data will be removed from sfdc if we uninstall zuora

Hi @pavanteja,


When you uninstall the packages, the objects within that package i.e. Zuora Quotes -> Quotes object, will also be deleted along with it.


Subscriptions, Biling Accounts and Products will also be deleted, however if you install a new package thereafter and perform a sync, these objects should be synced over to SalesForce successfully.


I hope that helps.

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