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How trigger date affect MRR calculation on Quote

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How trigger date affect MRR calculation on Quote

Use Case:

  • When creating a quote in Salesforce using Zuora Quotes with a product rate plan charge that has charge trigger date as either Service Activation Date or Customer Acceptance date, if the trigger date are not entered in the quote, then the quote creates a Subscription in Pending Activation Status in Zuora when quote is submitted to Zuora. This use case can happen if the subscription needs to be created for a customer before the date on which their service activation date is known.
  • The service activation date or Customer acceptance date cannot be entered in Salesforce Zuora Quotes as a quote cannot be changed once it is sent to Zuora. The Service activation date or customer acceptance date needs to be entered manually in Zuora or sent to Zuora through an API call. 
  • The side effect to this approach is that the MRR value will be not be populated in the Quote metrics section in the Quotes in Salesforce as trigger date is required to calculate the MRR value. This value will not be updated after the trigger dates are entered in Zuora as Quote cannot be changed after it is sent to Zuora. This will affect the ability to report consistently on the value of opportunities/quotes.

Key Issue:


  1. MRR will be 0$ on the quote.
  2. Report will reflect MRR as 0$.

Logic why MRR will be 0$ on quote:


  1. One-time, usage, and discount charges are not included in MRR calculation hence if your quote has these charges then MRR will be 0$.
  2. Also, MRR in Quote cannot be updated once quotes are sent to Zuora without trigger dates. (if your product on product catalog been set with trigger condition as service activation date/Customer Acceptance date)
  3. As per system design if trigger condition is set on products with service activation/Customer Acceptance date then without this date, MRR cannot be calculated on the Quote.



  • The goal is to report the total value of the recurring charge on the quote.

Alternate way to display MRR on the quote:


  1. Create custom field on QRP object to get roll-up summary of recurring charge.
  2. Enable custom field on the quote page layout.
  3. Create custom report with recurring charge value.

Create custom field to get roll-up summary of quote rate plan charge (recurring charge) as a total:


  1. Navigate to Setup-->Create-->Object-->Quote Rate Plan-->Custom Fields & Relationships-->New
  2. Set Data Type as shown below: -1.PNG
  3. Define Field Label and API Name will be auto update. Please retain same API Name.
  4. Set Roll-Up Summary Options as shown below:-2.PNG
  5. Select Object to Summarize as shown below:-3.png
  6. Select Roll-Up Type and specify the field as shown below:-4.png
  7. Set Filter Criteria as shown below:-5.png
  8. Then click Save

Show the custom field on the quote page layout. Refer below steps: -



  1. On the quote page click ‘Edit Layout’6.PNG
  2. Then go to Related Lists and drag and drop Quote Rate plan from the list.7.PNG
  3. On the Quote rate plan list click ‘Related List Property’ and add the custom field into selected fields.8.PNG
  4. Click OK and Save. Below will the outcome on the quote page.

Incorporate the recurring charge total (custom field) on a custom report:


  • To create a custom report please watch this quick video for your guidance.

This custom report will generate reports on Opportunities with records from one object by choosing a relationship to another object. This way we can get information about opportunity, Customer Account, Quote, Quote rate plan, Quote rate plan charges.




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