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How can I get my ZCPQ quote to reflect a pro-rated charge value?

We have products set to bill annually.  In ZCPQ, I can specifiy a an initial term length that is less than 12 though (7, for example). 


When I generate a quote, there doesn't seem to be a merge field that represents the quantity x effective price x (initial term length/product term length).  At least, I can't find one in the documentation on Zuora.  Is there something I can use for this? 


I can make the "effective price" exactly what I want (and pro-rate it down myself), but when I generate the quote, the order metrics (like TCV and TCB) do the pro-rating again - and presumably the invoice is going to use that pro-rating to come up with the "7/12" value for the charge.


The customer needs to see that "7/12" value exactly on the document they're signing. 


Re: How can I get my ZCPQ quote to reflect a pro-rated charge value?

I have a similar issue:

The situation I've encountered is a customer has a subscription for say 5 licenses for 12 months. After 3 months, the customer wants to add 4 more licenses to that same subscription. 

I created an amendment and changed the number of licenses from 5 to 9. However, instead of the quote reflecting the additional cost for the 4 licenses for the pro-rated 9-month term, instead, it shows the total annual cost of the subscription for all 9 licenses. 

We want to be able to send a quote with the prorated amount on the quote, so as Steven mentioned in his post, the customers needs to see exactly what they are signing up for before we send to Zuora for the generation of an invoice.