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District of Columbia is not an ISO state/province of United States - State is a picklist value


We are receiving the following error message (in SFDC Production) after clicking the "Send to Zuora" button, "Code: 58560020, Message: State/Province should be ISO standard state or province. District of Columbia is not an ISO state/province of United States.;". 
We use the Salesforce ISO State/Province picklist and the SFDC ISO for Washington D.C. is "Washington District of Columbia", whereas the Zuora ISO is "Washington DC". 
It's impossible for me to change the address on the Quote to "Washington DC" since SFDC doesn't provide that as an option in their ISO picklist. So, how do we resolve this?



We need to update the contact's State to "Washington DC".  But, in this case, we cannot able to change the value to "Washington DC" since the "Mailing State/Province" field is a picklist field which depends on "Mailing Country" field. 

This behavior is happening because you have enabled the below settings in your Org - "State and Country/Territory Picklists".


191375 1.png


The solution/workaround available here is below. Please follow the below steps.

  • From Setup, enter "State and Country/Territory Picklists" under "Data Management".
  • Search for "Configure states and countries" and click on it.
  • Search for "United States" and click "Edit" near to it.
  • Search for "District Of Columbia" and click "Edit" near to it.
  • In the next page, change the " Integration Value to "DC"

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