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Custom field Sync issue

Problem: Unable to sync a custom field from Zuora to Salesforce even when the API name is the same in both SFDC and Zuora end.

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Re: Custom field Sync issue

Solution :   Check  the Profile permissions for the Field in the SFDC Org and if the Field does not have the Read/Edit access for Zuora to sync then it is not possible for Zuora to sync the field with Salesforce.


In the below example the Exclusive field was not syncing with SFDC from Zuora.



The Solution is to give the right Profile permissions for the profile for the Sync User of Zuora in Salesforce for the field in the SFDC Org.

To give right profile permission please navigate as mentioned below in SFDC Org :

Settings--> Manage UsersàProfile --> Sync User for Zuora--> Object Settings--> Object where the Field is present (E.g. Product Rate Plan) --> Enable Read/Edit access.