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Thanks @dDoyeli.   Can you explain how you  "fixed the error condition".  I have the same issue in my api sandbox account.  I would like to try resolve on my own.

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Hi @mpastore


Your product catalog sync had failed because of an existing entry in a custom setting in Salesforce reflecting the information from your other Zuora tenant.

I needed to delete that custom setting from salesforce org to be able to perform a successful product Catalog sync.


Here is some backgroound:


When we sync over the Product Catalog, currently we sync over a Default Entity.

When this BillingEntity__c object is inserted in Salesforce, it will also create a corresponding Zuora_Entity_Config__c custom setting record.

If there is an orphaned custom setting record (can be there when we switch the Salesforce Org that the tenant is synced with) , we need to perform a data fix in Salesforce to delete that record as well.

We can do it  by going to Setup -> Develop -> Custom Settings -> Zuora Entity Config and click Manage.

Here we will see the list of records for that custom setting.

We need to delete the unwanted records there.


Unfortunatley, It is one of those custom settings that can only be seen by the managed package owner. Zuora Services and Support teams can both access this.


So, in order to get the issue fixed in your other api sandbox env, please create a Ticket at this point and I will work with you on that.


Thank you and have a good weekend



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