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Z-Force - view invoice adjustments

Z-Force - view invoice adjustments

Currently in Z-Force (Salesforce) Zuora inserts and updates invoices for customers.  However when an invoice is adjusted, that change is not reflected in Salesforce.  This impacts our ability to see what a customer's true invoice amount is.

We could use an adjusted invoice amount on each invoice in order to calculate invoice totals for customers month over month.



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Currently there is an "Adjusted Amount" field sync'd to the Invoice object in Salesforce, however, this only takes into account Invoice Adjustments (not Invoice Item Adjustments).


It would be nice to include an "Item Adjustment Amount" field that would total the dollar value of Invoice Item Adjustments. As it stands, if we make IIA's on an invoice, in Salesforce you end up with an invoice that has a $0 balance but no aparent reason for it (i.e. no payments, refunds, or adjustments) shown.


Syncing this field would allow a more complete picture of the high level movements on an invoice.


All that being said, I know Credit and Debit memos are on the horizon and will have some impact so perhaps that is the right object to align with for syncing the full impact to an Invoice. Love to hear your thoughts here @nathanc

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Yes Credit and Debit Memos is going to change all this and ultimately the Invoice and II Adjustment concept will go away.


More likely is that around middle of the year we need to invest in going full REST in all of the Quote APIs we integrate to Zuora with.  This will enable us to do previews and obtain the amounts returned by CM and DM previews.