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Re: Value for Period when using List Price Base - Per Month

Value for Period when using List Price Base - Per Month

We are currently testing out the new charge type, Per Month for the List Price Base.  However, in Salesforce on the Quote-RatePlan-Charge object, there is not a field that will calculate the amount for the billing period.  The "Total" field calcualtes the monthly value and the "TCV" field calculates the term length value. If the period is changed to Quarter, there is no value that would multiple the monthly price by 3.  it would be very helpful to have this value available.  We use the period value to display on contracts.  It's helpful to show the customer what the price per product will be per billing period.


We already have the Monthly price with the MRR field on the charge level.  we're overloaded with Monthly amounts.


I believe our only solution is to create a custom formula field to calculate it ourselves.

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This should be coming soon.  In Quotes 7.3 in July we are going to have the "Total To Be Billed Amount" on the QCD object, which we are going to put on the QRPC/QCS objects.


This is along with Tax, Discount and Sub Total, all coming from core Zuora. 


I believe the fields will be prefixed with "Billing" so BillingTotal, BillingTax etc so you can tell the difference from the front office fields.

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Status changed to: Coming Soon