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Re: Update search bar in Zquotes to start a new search every time you hit enter

Update search bar in Zquotes to start a new search every time you hit enter

When you search in Zquotes in Salesforce when you hit enter it provides tags rather than starting a new search. If I typed in the following:


I want to be able to type

"product1" hit enter select and then type in "product2" hit enter and select.


Right now when I type this you will see that a new search is not created instead you have to hit 'x' on "product1" in order to remove the previous search.


Please update this broken search functionality.


@benj I would not go so far as to call the current functionality "broken". The way it currently works it allows people with large catalogs to refine their search rather than start a new one when they type a new term into the search box.


I do agree, however, that the UX could be improved to make it more aparent that this is the behavior. (i.e. differentiating somehow between refining the search and starting over) Another possibility is allowing this behavior to be cuszomized by the Admin (let them decide during implementation whether search should be refining or resetting each time)


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I was hoping this would be a setting option. Hopefully, something that can be looked into since currently, the search functionality is more work than necessary and far too many clicks. This ties with a second idea posted that limits the products displayed to 10 as default and this is another setting that can't be modified currently. Both of these issues are frustrating our sales reps who are finding it takes a long time to select products as search takes a long time and scrolling through a product list isn't feasible as default is set to only 10 and can't be modified.


Which version of Quotes are you using? The latest version's page listing defaults to 10 but can be modifed to return up to 100 products per page:


Screenshot 2017-03-31 13.12.35.pngScreenshot 2017-03-31 13.12.41.png

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Sure, you can change to 100 but you can't save that as a default? Every time I create a new quote this is a setting I have to select.


If I can save this as 100 as a default setting that would work.


Idea posted here:



Ahh, I see what you mean. You are correct, the default when you enter the product selector is 10 and you would have to expand it to a higher value when you make a new quote.

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HI @feisley@benj,


Yes, based on my checking with Engineering on this earlier, unfortunately, we cannot change the default value at this point. it is currently set in javascript code on that page.

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We could probably do something easy here but getting a bit confused with the length of this thread.  Is the request:


1) Save the number of records setting in the product selector to the user profile so it remembers for that user

2) Change the search so that hitting type a search term and hitting enter performs a new search each time?  What about compound search terms (which we support)?


Is that the request?


@nathanc I like the idea of persisting the "how many items to show per page" as a per user setting. That being said, it might also (or even as a first step) be good to make it an admin defined configuration (either via Zuora Settings or via the component)


The search is a bit more complicated as some users may already be used to the current behavior of searches compoinding (i.e. Search for "Cloud" and then narrow down further from there. Again i see this as something that could be configured by an admin whether they want searches to compound or reset each time. This one seems tricker from a UX perspective to leave the choice to the end user.

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Hi @nathanc


1) This sounds like it would work - how would we go about achieving this?

2) Our sales reps don't want to perform a compound search is the problem. They would rather each item they hit enter to search that this would perform a new search rather than to create a compound search.

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1) We can put on the product roadmap.  I can't imagine it would be too hard.

2) As @feisley points out this requires some UX thought.  I'm somehwhat even loathe to put this behavior behind a config setting as we have enough ticks and switches already.  Id be hopeful we could come up with something that serves both use cases (people that want to search for compound terms vs single terms).  Need to speak our UX person.