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Syncronize Zuora Renewal Setting field to Salesforce

In Zuora there is a field "Renewal Setting" which specifies to which Term Setting (Termed or Evergreen) the subscription is renewed. This field does not exist on the subscription object (Zuora__Subscription__c) in Salesforce. When using termed subscription we need to know if the subscription is renewed to termed or evergreen.

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Zuora__TermSettingType__c is a picklist on the subscription object in salesforce that is TERMED or EVERGREEN.  You can also look at the renewal date and end date as these will be blank on evergreen.


If you do not see the term setting type you may need to add it to your layout or give field access.


II just re-read your note - this is not what you are asking, sorry.  I did not know you can renew to a different term type.