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Re: Syncing Sales Rep name with SFDC account owner

Syncing Sales Rep name with SFDC account owner


In Zuora we have the ability to sync the Sales Rep field to SFDC. However we cannot update the sales rep field from SFDC to Zuora. Customers are requesting that they have the ability to sync from SFDC to Zuora as well for the Sales Rep Field.







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Just to clarify since the wording is a bit ambiguous.. The desired goal here is for the Zuora account to be updated when the SFDC account owner changes correct? Doing the opposite would be much harder since Zuora allows free text input of the name.


Zuora already has a "360" connection to Salesforce. It could certainly be possible for Zuora to build a customization that fetches the name of Account Owner from Salesforce based on the CrmID.  This may not work for eveyone though as the Account.Owner may not be the same as the Sales Rep.


I've built a custom integration using an iPaaS system that runs once a day to keep these values (SFDC.Account.Owner and Zuora.Acount.SalesRep in sync. 

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This is key, particulary for those of us who use the Zuora account data then to push to back end systems such as NetSuite, or for those of use who want to include the rep in our Zuora based reports.  SFDC is absolutely the master of this information, and so it should be in sync, or not synced at all.  Establishing a process that produces out of sync data by design is certainly not best practice for an integration routine.  


As for which field should be synced, we'd be looking to follow SFDC best practice, as well as keeping in line with the flow of data when the new Zuora accounts are created from SFDC, and that is to use the Account.Owner field in SFDC.  Would of course be very cool if we could create custom mappings on top of that, but that's another discussion.  



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The sales rep field for us is useless because it outdates so quickly. Updates are not done in Zuora, they are owned by the sales department and updated in Salesforce. Will this be built out in the near future as all of our rep fields are totally useless at this point. 

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Zuora - can you please advise if this will be a feature available soon?