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Re: Sync Vat Id to Zuora Billing Account in Zuora for Salesforce 360

Sync Vat Id to Zuora Billing Account in Zuora for Salesforce 360

Please add VatId as a field synced to the Billing Account in Salesforce


Did this ever get done? I don't see any field getting populated, so I'm guessing not... any ETA?

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Hi @jmbillings It is still not part of Zuora 360 sync. But this is being considered as part of our new configurable Sync "Data Connect". I will share the ETA as soon as we have more information.


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Doyeli - any updates on the Data Connect?  What is it - a replacement for 360 sync?

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Hi @tatyana Data Connect is still a Beta product but we have started supporting lot of Objects that are currently handled by 360 Sync. In addition to that, Data Connect supports new Objects that are not handled by legacy sync. We have few customers that have enabled Data Connect for specific objects.

Please review the following article and all the related articles as well to understand what objects are supported, what are the limitations.




After that, If you would like to enable, please then create a support ticket documenting Object types that you would like DC to enabled for.


Thank you

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At this point we removed support of Billing Account sync thru Data Connect due to an issue identified.

I will post an update once that is enabled again. Also, we have a user story to support VAT Id field sync thru Data Connect, when Billing Account sync is supported by Data Connect again.