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Re: Support quote metrics when there are more than 10 amendments in the quote

Support quote metrics when there are more than 10 amendments in the quote

Core Zuora has a setting that can be enabled to allow up to 20 amendments in one call but even when that setting is enabled Zuora for Salesforce doesn't use it and the quote metrics cannot be correctly calculated. 

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The 10 amendment limit is a core Zuora limitation as opposed to Zuora for Salesforce.  Having said that, core Zuora is planning to address this limitation with their concept of an Order prior to a Subscription, Z4SF will take advantage of this in Q1, 2017.

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Hi Nathanc,


What is the recommended workaround for this issue?


I have a use where the amendment has 7 newly added charges and 3 charges to be removed.  Do I need to split the zquot in two?

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No as thats only 10 amendments so should be within our OOTB limit?

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Hi all,


We are now trialing Orders with some early adopter customers and are looking for more candidates for our next wave.


Orders includes the ability to support more amendments (much more than 10 or 30) and better metrics (metrics for each order action) being surfaced in Quotes.


The ideal profile customer is smaller B2B, little or no self serve channel, little or no customization in Zuora Quotes.  


If any on this thread are interested please get in touch with me or post in this thread and I will get in touch with you to see if you'd be a good fit.  We are looking for feedback!


@nathanc We are interested in the trial of orders but we do have customizations in Z quotes so may not qualify yet.  I am hoping to remove many customizations once this is GA.  So when you are ready for a group with customizations let us know.