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Re: Support invoice owner billto address in Quote Template

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Support invoice owner billto address in Quote Template

Currently "invoice owner billto address" is not supported in Merge Fields for Quote Template.


Only invoice owner name(Quote.InvoiceOwnerName) and invoice owner id(Quote.InvoiceOwnerId) are supported.
So please support "invoice owner billto address" as well.

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@Yoshihisa This can actually already be done with the existing versions of quotes. You are correct that the Quote directly only contains the InvoiceOwnerName and InvoiceOwnerId fields. However, with some minor customizations to Salesforce you can get any information you want.


Prerequisites: Create a lookup field on the Quote to store the invoice owner account reference. 


We did this using an Apex trigger but it could also be done with Flow, or Process Builder:

1. Whenever a Quote is created or updated check if the InvoiceOwnerId is set

2. If it is set, lookup the Billing Account for that invoice owner.

3. Set the Invoice Owner Account field on the quote to be the billing account found in step 2.


Now you will be able to render any field from the invoice owner billing account to the Quote template. For example:


{ MERGEFIELD Quote.Invoice_Owner_Account__c.Name_of_Field }