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Support carriage return and Line feed In Zuora

Support carriage return and Line feed In Zuora

I have already this true problem regarding address.


Our Customer often use the carriage return and linefeed of Salesforce. But when we use Zuora, We have to use Address 2, for that case.


Unfortunately, Address 2 is not mapped with Salesforce. 


Customer face with two different problems, the unsupported Carriage Return and Line Feed link to the data migration, where the return is not supported, and when we have to use address 2 for managing that ...


And ...


The problem of discrepancy between salesforce and Zuora address data when a user choose an existing billing account and when there is a carriage return and line feed on the salesforce address (And Not on Zuora).


It's a real subject and a real difficult approach to manage.

Zuora Alumni

I believe we should be interpreting a Carraige Return in Address fields as Address 2 in Zuora.  Can't quite remember which version of Quotes this was put in but pretty sure we put it in.  Naturally we cannot support more than that because Zuora only has 2 Address fields.

Savvy Scholar

We have seen this (or at least a similar) issue too (tracked as support request 180151)

Create a contact record on Salesforce Account with Mailing Street as
Line 1 (Enter key)

when a new Billing account/new subscription quote is created with this contact and sent to Zuora, the Billto and Soldto contacts that are created for the customer Account in Zuora, it has the following address information:
Address 1: Line 1
Address 2: Line 2

When this billing account is synced to salesforce and you create a Quote with this existing billing account and click Update Zuora Account Details button , you will see the difference in Mailing Street on both end and the address of the contact on Zuora end displays as
Line 1, Line 2, Line2