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Re: Subscription Object - Request to consider offering direct access to Subscription fields from Sal

Subscription Object - Request to consider offering direct access to Subscription fields from Salesforce.com

This request comes from the need to have the ability to create a Roll Up Summary for Subscriptions in Salesforce.com.
We are currently unable to create a roll-up summary field since the subscription object is a managed package.

A roll up summary field would be the ideal indicator on an account for use in our de-duping efforts.
This would provide the ability to display accounts that are associated with subscriptions (when using a tool like demandtools)

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Status changed to: Under Consideration

Whole-heartedly agree! Being able to create roll-up fields on our accounts in Salesforce from the subscriptions/subscription products & charges objects would solve a number of problems/limitations we're running into. For example, we want our Reps to be able to see the total MRR of a particular product from all active subscriptions in a single field on the Salesforce account.

Zuora Alumni

Is it the relationship between the objects that prevents this?  I believe rollup summary fields are only supported by master-detail.


We use the Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries (DLRS) tool to achieve this: https://github.com/afawcett/declarative-lookup-rollup-summaries


As Nathan mentioned Salesforce only allows rollups to Master - Detail relationships, but the DLRS tool allows it based on any Lookup field. We use this to roll up values from our Subscriptions to accounts (such as a) is a subscription present, b) what is the CMRR total for all subscriptions, etc). This tool can either run on a schedule or be installed as a trigger for realtime updates. I am happy to share some config examples if you are interested as the first time confifg of DLRS can be a little daunting. But it is one of the most essential tools we use in Salesforce.

Zuora Alumni

totally agree with @feisley 🙂 It's nearly impossible to change the object relationships in a managed package, so if this tool works for you, Id highly recommend that.