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Send PO Number to Zuora

We'd like Quotes to be updated to send the PO Number and VAT ID to Zuora when they Quote is sent to Zuora.


Also the Company Code for avalara users would be useful too.


Good idea, I don't have permission to do that, @nathanc can you get an admin to do that? It's an interesting one with PO Numbers. A PO can cover quite a wide variety of relationships, I think it's definitely something Zuora should be thinking about deeply.


@nathanc From a technical perspective, adding the field to the quote object would not cause any issues because of namespaces. There is, as you mentioned, the potential for confusion, but as long as you dont push it to layouts in an upgrade, it should be fine. Just outline in documentation that the user can optionally add that field to a layout and its behavior would be to either set the PO on the account on creation or update it on amendment.


All that being said, I have still always thought that a PO at an account level was a funky idea since PO numbers's almost always are on a purchase order which is linked to a quote/order. Thats why we felt it made more sense to do it on the subscription. Even Zuora's own invoices for customers use the PO at the subscription level based on a custom field. The real idea worth considering is if promoting this to a native field makes sense or leave it as a custom field based on customer needs.

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Just to clarify it wouldnt support on Amendment, thats the way the other Billing Account fields work on the Quote as well.


Yeah I hear you about supporting PO Numbers on a Sub/Invoice.  Ill pass it up the chain.


Re question 2, principally didn't stop Zuora adding VAT ID (which we really welcome, even though we're not using it yet, we plan to), we've had a custom field called VAT Number for years so I'd imagine not?

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Yeah, hopefully not.   Put the PO Number issue into the release at the end of the year (Tentatively early November).


thanks, much appreciated

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Has this been released?

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Hi Team, 
Can you provide an update on the status of supporting PO numbers on a Sub/Invoice level? I see the last update was that this was planned for Nov 2016. We are moving towards requiring a PO number for our larger customers but cannot do so unless this functionality is available. Thanks.

@kcavanaugh I can confirm its not included out-of-the-box in the now current version (Quotes 9.1 at the time of writing). If you need an immediate solution I suggest custom fields on the Subscription/Invoice level and matching fields in Salesforce as I described earlier in the thread. It took us a few hours to implement test and roll it out so its a very light customization to achieve meaningful results.