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Re: Send PO Number and VAT ID to Zuora

Send PO Number to Zuora

We'd like Quotes to be updated to send the PO Number and VAT ID to Zuora when they Quote is sent to Zuora.


Also the Company Code for avalara users would be useful too.

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This is supported today in latest Quotes?

No it's not. We're using 7.3. I raised a ticket with support: https://support.zuora.com/hc/en-us/requests/96510 they confirmed it. I was hoping they'd add it a a FR but they didn't which is why I'm raising it here.
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is there on the Quote object so I know that is supported and I am pretty sure one of the other fields should represent the PO Number on the Billing Account when you create it....Ill need to check with my QA guy on Monday.


zqu__VAT_ID__c is there in 7.3 which is good (didn't spot that), but the PO number isn't there, which is what our business folks are asking for.


@mikemartin something that might help here: We encountered the same thing where we needed to capture the PO number for orders. However, as it currently stands, the PO number is tied to the customer not the order. This means that if a customer were to place a second order or have other subscriptions, then the PO number would be the same (or replaced by the new one).


Our solution to this was to create a custom field on the subscription for the PO Number and then a matching custom field on the quote. We then allow the entry of this on the Quote and it is transferred to the subscription's custom field. Finally, we have a subscription table on the invoice template where we can reflect the PO number for the subscription. This has worked very well for us and we found it to be even more effective than having the PO captured at the customer object level.


Hope this helps.

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I think the above is why I have not heard much noise about this, if we indeed do not support it.


We know about the custom field workaround, we do that for VAT until Zuora introduced VAT ID. I just like to use fields for what they were intended and don't like using custom fields when I can use native ones especially since it seems arbitrary that Zuora don't pass it through in new billing account quotes (which they should).


i agree that a PO could be part of the subscription rather than the account, however it's a bit more complex than that given that a PO number can be associated to many invoices, which can be the result of many orders. And a "subscription" can be caused by many orders too, eg New Product Amendments which could necessity a situation where you have more than one PO associated with a subscription (eg Charge A didn't change but Charge B was added on same subscription).


Most large companies expect to see a PO number on an invoice for high values. Often they won't pay them until they see the PO number. If a company had multiple PO numbers and orders, then perhaps the only way of cleanly invoicing them is like you say, put the PO number on the subscription, and then Choose invoice subscription separately, annoying because our business tries to have a one invoice per customer per month policy.


Unless we can convince customers to get into a new world of an invoice having many PO numbers.


Strictly speaking Sales Rep should be tied to an order too, we put it on the rate plan charge. However on a new billing account quote Zuora pass it through. I'm simply asking that they do the same for PO number when creating a quote that creates a new billing account.


@mikemartin so our business is also a very PO centric one where our customers and partners require the PO to be shown or they will refuse payment. That being said, we have had positive feedback from them on how we went about implementing it at the subscription level. For customers that we invoice subscriptions separately, they see the one PO number for the single subscription on the invoice. For customers that consolidate subscriptions into a single invoice, they will see the various subscriptions each with their own PO and totals which they can relate back to their records and then the details are outlined in the invoice item table below that.


Finally for the one or two edge cases, we also have a PO field at the invoice level. Our billing team can manually update this and regenerate the invoice PDF if there are specialized situations and this will override the subscription level PO. We have only had to do this a handful of times as the rest work well with the subscription level PO (either one or more per invoice).


All that being said, I do agree with your thought that if the Account in Zuora has a PO field, that the quote should be able to populate it so you can use the builtin functionality should you choose to do so.


You might update the Idea title and description to just reference the PO Number since @nathanc confirmed that VAT ID is already sent over properly.

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So confirmed we dont support PO Number on the default New Quote. Note that we can't support altering this on the Amend Quote since the Amend calls dont let you Alter the Billing Account and Contact Information.


I just don't see how 1) the product has survived this long without this and 2) if I do introduce a PO Number field will it interefere with any customizations customers might have done to work around it.


I assume since the fields wil be different namespaces it will be fine (though confusing to have two PO number fields in the Quote if people have worked around it).  


Love to hear comments on 2).