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Salesforce and One Time Charge on a Renewal from Original term

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Salesforce and One Time Charge on a Renewal from Original term

Even though a one time charge is not technically renewed, it remains on the latest renewal version after sending to Zuora. It appears that the user in Salesforce has to drop the One Time Charge even though it cannot be renewed before sending to Zuora. Is that the expected behavior or should the system not have it in the latest version of the subscription after sending to Zuora and post renewal?



have you noticed that there is a setting in salesforce under the Zuora Config / Quote Configuration Settings / Quote Configurations, there's an option Hide Original One-Time Charges checkbox.


I have just learned of this option, the help text indicates that it will hide existing one-time charges on amend/renew quotes.  Would this be the behavior you would like to have?  to basically hide the previous one-time charges?


i enabled it, but it doesn't seem to be working for me.  are you aware of this setting and does it work for you?

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Hi @ehavens Since you have already created a Ticket with Zuora support reporting the same issue, Let's work thru the Ticket and we will then update this thread with the resolution.


Thank you

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So the one-time charge doesn't renew?? I need to know this asap.. wish the answer could be public, Doyeli.


One-time charges do not renew.  These one-time charges that are displaying from previous dates will not be included in the renewal.


In the Product Rate Plan Charges section of this article, it describes the differences between the charges types.