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Re: Request to add Invoice Item Line and Payment information on Salesforce Sync

Request to add Invoice Item Line and Payment information on Salesforce Sync

Customer is requesting to have Invoice Item Line and Payment information to be available in Salesforce. The customer added that they would like line items in Salesforce in order for them to measure how many sales they've had of particular products. Then, it would be helpful for the payment information, especially, status in SFDC so that they do not have to to log into Zuora to verify this information.This in turn, would allow the customer to to make use of the Salesforce's reporting tools. 


This is being evaluated by our Product Management and tracking number is DE5123 / COM-1297.

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Status changed to: Under Consideration

Payments currently can be sync'd to Salesforce, but Invoice Items (and more importantly, their relation to subscriptions) is not. Having the ability to relate an invoice to its subscriptions and vise versa in Salesforce would be a huge improvement since right now its a very manual process for the user to find this information.


This is a very important feature for us, so we are able to use Salesforce as the base for our internal reporting. Without having the invoice item line in Salesforce, our non-Zuora users (which is everyone except the Finance team) can only see the invoice number and balance, which is not sufficient for any analysis. We will not add more users to Zuora, so we depend on this functionality to be available in Salesforce 🙂 

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Invoice Item sync to salesforce will be very useful, currently we have to have custom fields on Invoice object to populate the requied subscription information. But its not very reliable. Also we need this object to build reports / sending triggered emails. Please add this object sync. Thanks.  

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We planning some development around this in 1H, 2017, I will update when I have more information.

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Hi all,


As the PM for 360 Sync I am happy to announce we are in the stages of an early adoper program for sync-ing Invoice Items.  It involves a brand new sync infrastructure and many other benefits.  We are looking for customers that can trial this and start give us feedback.  If anyone is interested could they please reach out either here on the Community to me or via email?



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@nathanc  Thats the great news, I am intrested to be part of Trail. Thanks.


@nathanc Hi, we have been waiting for this for a long time, this is great news!

We would like to be part of the early adopter program.

Thank you,


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Great thanks Ive contacted you both directly, anyone else please reach out.