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Quote Charge Summaries for primary quote only

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Quote Charge Summaries for primary quote only

Quote charge summaries are created for every quote in SFDC, regardless if the quote is primary or not and regardless if the setting is checked in Zuora to only allow one primary quote.  This generates redundant and irrelevant quote charge summaries and prevents useful reporting from this related list.  Only show quote charge summaries for the primary quote.


The quote charge summaries are a critical component to quote metrics. Even though the quote may not be the primary, these objects are necessary for totals and rendering PDFs for alternate quotes.


If you are doing reporting then the best approach here is to filter the quote charge summaries belonging to the primary quote only rather than including all of them. If you want a simple way of filtering them out based on the primary field on the quote, you could add a field on the quote charge summary such as "Primary" which would be a formula field that simply repeats the value from the quote itself:



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Thank you so much, this worked perfectly and goes a long way towards helping us calculate non-prorated amounts for growth opportunities.  Much appreciated.