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Re: Page load plugin in quotes

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Page load plugin in quotes

It would be very useful to be able to implement a quote plugin that ran before page display in quotes.  For example, a picklist could be added to the quote with its choices populated dynamically from the account's contacts.


@Michael_Summitt when you say right before the page display do you mean all pages or just the initial quote header page (i.e. where you enter things like start date, bill to, sold to, term, etc).


If you want to tweak things at the header level, you can use the Default Values Plugin 



Its pretty flexible and when combined with triggers on the quote object, you can do quite a lot.


It's great for controlling the values stored in the quote, but for example, if I want to implement an "autocomplete" text box, as found here - http://anupjadhav.com/2013/02/01/jquery-autocomplete/ - then I need access before the page loads.


Update: this is actually already possible using a quote wizard step inserted into the quote wizard sequence.  Zuora online training highly recommended.