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Invoice at contact level?

Invoice at contact level?

Has anyone come up with a workaround that lets you track subscriptions and generate invoices at the contact level, rather than at the account level?


We've been using Zuora and Salesforce for a couple of years. On our legacy system, we used to track subscriptions at the contact level, so a single account could have multiple contacts, each with their own subscriptions. Salesforce seems to support that structure, but Zuora seems to track subscriptions and invoices only at the account level. This creates problems for us, because we use Salesforce for other, non-subscription aspects of our business as well, and we continue to track those areas as an account (company) with multiple contacts (individuals).


Anyway, I'm assuming that there's no way around this problem, as this structure seems to be inherent to Zuora. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask, to see if anyone's managed to figure out some kind of clever way to circumvent this limitation.


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Here's a solution (if I understand the issue correctly):


  1. Push the contact id from Salesforce (SF) to the Zuora subscription, either using Z-Quotes or a custom integration between SF and Zuora
  2. Use Frontera Consulting's Zuora Invoice Item Sync service to bring the invoice item record back to SF.
  3. A trigger can associate the invoice item to the SF contact using the SF Contact ID on the invoice item via the subscription id.

There are some caveats with using subscriptions in SF because Z360 only keeps the most recent version of subscription.  There are ways to address it, but its worth calling out.